Zombie Viking Spear
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Zombie Spear ***FREE SHIPPING!!!***



zombie war spear


The Ventilator is a proud addition to the “blunt force trauma” category of Zombie Hammer instruments.  It brings a fresh new personality to the table…  in short, “My way or the highway.”  The ventilator is fashioned from 3/16″ hot rolled steel.  It comes in at a solid 3 lbs., and is just shy of 22″ in length.


***LEGAL NOTICE*** The Ventilator™ is not a weapon, and it should not be used as such. Doing so will most likely result in your incarceration. We are not responsible for any damages to persons or property.

Although they are extremely sharp and potentially dangerous, zombiehammer.com products are not forged or made from hardened or tool steel.  With the exception of the knives that are made from stainless steel, all products are made from hot rolled and/or cold rolled mild steel.  They are intended as novelty/display pieces, and are not to be used on anything apart from soft zombie flesh.

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